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Lindo Travel & Tours

Unlike many other tour companies here in Tanzania, Lindo Travel & Tours is owned and managed by tour guides themselves. When you book a safari or a trek with Lindo Travel, then you know for sure, that you are going on a safari with the local people of Tanzania. Second, you are guaranteed that you will get what you paid for. Our focus is to share exactly what our country can offer its visitors. We will listen to you very carefully and understand your needs and give you a price according to how you would like to experience your trip.

Whether your dream is to climb the highest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro, or your preference is to visit our fabulous National Parks in order to fulfill your long-time desire to see the African’s BIG 5 animals, exact in their natural environments. We guarantee you, that we can deliver just that.  We have a bunch of activities for you to experience, starting from Day Tours, Wildlife Safaris, Mountain Climbing, Beach Holidays, Walking Safaris, Biking, Horse Riding, Canoeing, and different other activities

We have the best tour guides, and travel experts, who are hand-picked and extensively trained in order to give you the best experience during your stay. Our prices are tremendously discounted and so everybody can afford them, including you, and that is why we would like to invite you to contact us now and let's discuss your holiday plans. 

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