As young and innovative company our main focus is to create a reliable and satisfied customer base, we do this by making sure that, we provide an exceptional services to our clients. Charging reasonable prices, and deliver exactly what our client pays. Our power lay on tailor made safaris as this is where we can apply our understanding and experience into actions.

Depending on the time you have for an African Safari journey, we will design an amazing safari itinerary that will include everything that you desire and on top of that we will add our personal touch and suggestions to make your trip a one that brings memorable experience. We have everything for everyone, if the budget you have can pay, park fees, can pay your accommodations, food, and transport, then we take you on a safari because, we are not like other operators who expect to make bigger profit, rather we intended to open up path for everyone to experience what Tanzania has to offer without considering too much about how wealthy one is. To go on a safari with us you have the following options described below;

Budget camping safari tent


Our budget safari are basically created for those people who prefer to travel in low budget, and comfort does not matter too much as long they get breathtaking experience in the bush. We organize this type of a safari as budget camping safaris, and in order to keep cost to minimum, we normally suggest that clients organize themselves and come as of group of 2 - 6 people, this will guarantee the possibility of attending such a tour. In this type of tour accommodation is mainly camping, but there are other places when possible we may opt camping and sleep in budget guesthouses or basic accommodations which are outside the parks.

Mid range accommodation


For our mid-range safaris we have partnered with some hotels, lodges and tented camps inside the parks and around, you will be staying in large and comfortable rooms and eat in the restaurant, and each property has different prices and quality so the price for this should be discussed according to your budget and your travel dates.

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Luxury safari accommodation photo


Our top end safari tour uses luxury lodges, luxury tented camps and sometimes private flying camping which you get a full range of amenities. Even in remote settings without running water you still be able to enjoy hot, bush-style showers, comfortable beds and fine dining. You will also receive a high level of personalized attention, an often intimate atmosphere (many places at this level have fewer than 20 beds.) excellent guiding and an emphasis on archiving as ‘authentic’ as experience of the bush as possible.

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About The Founder!

My name is Stephan L Sunday, and I am the founder and the Manager at Lindo Travel & Company Ltd. How did I become an entrepreneur? Well, it might be a long story, and I am not sure if you have got that much time. But I will try to make it short. I worked with several safari companies as tour guide, but thanks to my last job. In 2012, I quitted my job as a permanent employee of a certain company owned by a Germany couple here in Tanzania, and I decided to become a freelance safari guide.

For me this was the best decision I ever made in my life, I liked every single moment as a freelance, I liked the freedom, and the flexibility. Whenever the time, that I did not have a job/trip to do, I had a chance to travel and see other parts of my beautiful country and, explore some other nice places, where one can go and enjoy the beuty and fantastic atmosphere of these locations.

This amazing flexibility given by my freelancing job, got me thinking about the way I could share what I have seen during my travel around the country. And there, the idea of establishing Lindo Travel was born. I started the company as one man army, trying to do everything by myself, guiding 2-6 groups of people a year. Now Lindo Travel is joined by other beautiful people, strong formed team work, who have the same mentality of sharing all that our country has to offer its visitors.

If you are looking for unique experience on your journey to Africa, then I would like to invite you to contact us. We will create an amazing safari plan that will stimulates your senses about Africa and deliver exact the same breathtaking experiences. For a toilar made safari plan, please feel free to contact us, email safaris@lindotravel.com or click the link to fill up the contact form

Thank you, and see you soon...

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John our tour guide with client and chef at ngorongoro crater

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the society by working in a joint venture with the community based tourism development initiative, employment to the local people with skill and knowledge along with creating jobs and promoting the culture, history, environments, combining with leisure and Tanzanian wildlife attractions for both local and international. We will offer you the same quality of services either you are alone or in a group or a family.

Our client arrives from a game drive in serengeti

Our Staffs

We believe in hard working. And so for the few people that we work with, we make sure that we give them fair salaries that will help them run their life, make some saving and develop, we motivate them to work hard, healthier and responsibly. When the company's financial allows, We intented to support them with soft loan with no interests in three areas: Buying land, Building a Home, and to further their educations

Our Beautiful client at Ngorongoro Crater

Our Client's experience

At Lindo Travel & Tours, we believe that the very first reason we exist is because of our guests. If we remove our guests in the picture, there is nothing else needed? It is true that our guests makes all other things possible. Our guests are first, second and third priority before anything else. We invest time, money and all our effort to have new ideas to make sure that our guests experience is always above the edge.