Mount Longido

Mt Longido stands desolate on plains that stretch into the horizon, with Oldonyo Orok in Kenya its only neighbor. Other significant mountains within sight are Lengai, Meru and Kilimanjaro, although they are quite some distance away.

The climb up the northern side initially starts with a short but steep climb traversing terrain covered with dry land bushes. Maasai youth graze their cattle on these lower slopes, while living on makeshift shelters for months away from their families. You may come across burnt circles that look like a UFO landing site; these are the remains of abandoned circular livestock corrals the Maasai youth burn when they leave.

Once past this part of the hike, the vegetation changes to a tropical forest with soft wet ground underfoot, and old man’s beard hanging from most of the trees. This becomes the prevailing flora for the rest of the hike till the last few meters to the summit. Most of the climb here is gentle, with just a few steep sections. It forms a cool pleasant surroundings to explore and generally enjoy the views from.

Tanzania Village Tour, Longido Ilkiding'a & Mulala 4 days. This Tanzania Village Tour will take you to visit Longido for walking and trekking for a night, you will be able to walk closer to game animals and birds. You will also visit the villages of Ilkiding? and Mulala for sightseeing, the places to experience the productive local communities and enjoy the test of local food.

Half Day Tour - Mount Longido Bird Watching

Longido is rich in birdlife. Some of the birds seen in this area are Starling Major, Red and Yellow Barbet, Masked Weaver, silver Bill and Secretary Bird. A bird walks through the Maasai plains starting from the town of Longido to the bomas of Ol Tepesi allow you to see birds as well as trees and plants used by the locals to make food and medicines. Later, visit a Maasai boma to see the Maasai lifestyle.

Full Day Tour

Add to the bird walk, a walking safari from Ol Tepesi to Kimokouwa along a cattle trail. Gradually climb to an altitude of 1:600m to get panoramic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. Descend to Kimokouwa green ‘valley of wells’ and a nearby historic British grave. On Wednesdays, you can extend your stay by visiting the busting and colorful cattle market. Another popular activity for the people with enough time is a four days trekking trip - from Longido to the Big Rock and Kitumbaine, on to Lake Natron. Longido mountain climb.