Tanzania Amazing & Adventurous Safaris Activities

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Tanzania Amazing & Adventurous Safaris Activities

Tanzania teems with wildlife. With vast elephant herds around Ruaha and Tarangire National Park, and the Chimpanzee bands that frolic in the forests of Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream National Park, the country is one of Africa’s premiere wildlife-watching destinations. Few other places on Earth host such an impressive collection of large animals supported by such a range of environmental and climatic conditions within such a geographical area. The best news is that much of this natural wealth is readily accessible to visitors, in the popular northern safari circuit the animals are often well habituated, and this accompanied with some stunning topographical backdrops, makes for unforgettable safari memories.

In the south and west, where visitor numbers are much lower, the wildlife here tend to be more skittish and difficult to sport. Although the raw wilderness setting more than compensates. Whenever you choose to go, it worth remembering that watching Tanzania’s wildlife is about far more than just seeing the animals and ticking them off on a checklists. It’s about experiencing East African nature at its most untamed, getting a glimpse into nature’s magnificent synchronous, and understanding how the rhythms of the wild can be best protected for future generations.

Doing all this takes-time to loiter for hours at a watering hole, to sit in one spot at dawn while the morning rises around myriad factors affecting them. And the safari cost money too, although it’s possible to keep cost at a reasonable level. And of course the more understating you have about the animals and their habitats, the more satisfied you will be that your Tanzania Safari has been money well spent. Here you need to be very careful on choosing a tour operator. We at Lindo Travel have the best and a well experienced tour guides who will guide you in the wild simultaneously explaining interesting facts about the wild animals.

Our budget safari are basically created for those people who prefer to travel in low budget, and comfort does not matter too much as long they get breathtaking experience in the bush. We organize this type of a safari as budget camping safaris, and in order to keep cost to minimum, we normally suggest that clients organize themselves and come as of group of 2 - 6 people, this will guarantee the possibility of attending such a tour. In this type of tour accommodation is mainly camping, but there are other places when possible we may opt camping and sleep in budget guesthouses or basic accommodations which are outside the parks.

For our mid-range safaris we have partnered with some hotels, lodges and tented camps inside the parks and around, you will be staying in large and comfortable rooms and eat in the restaurant, and each property has different prices and quality so the price for this should be discussed according to your budget and your travel dates.

Our top end safari tour uses luxury lodges, luxury tented camps and sometimes private flying camping which you get a full range of amenities. Even in remote settings without running water you still be able to enjoy hot, bush-style showers, comfortable beds and fine dining. You will also receive a high level of personalized attention, an often intimate atmosphere (many places at this level have fewer than 20 beds.) excellent guiding and an emphasis on archiving as ‘authentic’ as experience of the bush as possible.

If you are planing a safari any soon, then feel free to contact us for free consultation and guidelines regarding the Tanzania Safari.

Karibu Tanzania.

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