Spa Treatment In Tanzania

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Spa Treatment In Tanzania

Enjoy a massage with your partner as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean or out in the bush as antelope and zebra graze on the plains and quench their thirst at watering hole. The wellness phenomenon is sweeping Tanzania. Visitors see their holidays as a chance to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, relax and pamper themselves. Spas are popping up across the country, becoming standard addition to hotels and resorts in a response to tourist demand. Ease out the knots from a bone ratting game ride with a massage or recover from your flight with a refreshing facial. More and more hotels, lodges and resorts are offering spas, equipment.

Thai and Balinese therapists run luxury spas, equipped with plunge pools, saunas and steam rooms. Offering extensive treatment menus. However, spas in Tanzania blend European and Asian influences with a uniquely Swahili element, offering treatment drawing on Tanzanian natural ingredients. Seaweed, tropical fruit and Pemban honey are used in facials to rehydrate and rejuvenate skin. Aloe Vera grown across the country and salt water is used to sooth sunburnt skin.

Essential oils hail from the country’s spice farms, soaps are made from cloves, lemon grass and cinnamon. Swahili beauty rituals are celebrated, with spas offering singo, an exfoliating spice scrub from Zanzibar traditionally for brides. A paste is prepared using jasmine, ylang ylang, rose petals, sandalwood smooth, fragrant and as soft as silk. Hamman baths hail back to Tanzania’s Arab heritage. Coconut oil and clove oil are used in massages, hair is twisted into braids and hands and feet are adorned with henna. Nature walks in the lush greenness of the forests and yoga revive the spirit. Tanzania’s tranquility combined with superb spas ensure you’ll be rejuvenated by your holiday.

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