How to Organize the Best Tanzania Family Safari Holiday

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How to Organize the Best Tanzania Family Safari Holiday

A Tanzania safari is a delight for all ages, and as such is an ideal family holiday. The excitement of the adventure is truly shared, allowing parents, grandparents, and children to treasure memories forever after. Every Tanzania safari is so different; each wildlife moment is so distinct, that even old-timers cannot claim to have seen it all before.
We've created many fabulous Tanzania family holidays - however, careful consideration and planning are required on many fronts when putting together an ideal family itinerary. The option of family suites (or extra beds), child-friendly activities and special child rates vary enormously from the lodge to lodge.

Tanzania is in the best possible safari and beach combination location! It has a fantastic coastline, and also the colorful and activity-packed island of Zanzibar is just a short hop away. The beach has never been easier to access, and this is especially important for family holidays – as you are paying for children, you save money on long flights and also time better spent lazing around with your loved ones on the beach.

The South of Tanzania can offer a really diverse safari experience for the whole family with excellent boating, and walking or fly camping for the over 12’s – a family adventure of a lifetime. A short added hop to Ruaha and your family can enjoy spying on a neighbor – the mega pride of lions which the park is so famous for. You can also get some amazing value for money accommodation here, which is a welcome surprise when paying for the whole family.

The North - The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater – provides a completely action-packed and beautiful Africa safari experience. Seeing the Great Wildebeest Migration will not be something your kids will forget in a hurry. Some people like to introduce their children to a cultural experience, and this comes in its buckets in the Ngorongoro Highlands with the traditional and proud Masai people. Here, you have the privilege of a private vehicle for a really intimate and freeing safari – a huge plus for a Northern Tanzania family itinerary.
Please note that many lodges and camps will not accept children under the age of 6.

Safaris are not cheap, there is no question about it - especially when you start bringing all your children! Luckily, these days many camps offer great deals for families with the arrival of family tents, family villas, and family lodges so you can have a completely private and intimate family holiday. It is worth remembering that under 12’s get reduced international airfares, and also in some camps under 21’s are considered children so they too enjoy reduced rates!

There is a real range of accommodation in Tanzania with the most basic budget properties costing around $300 per person per night to the most luxurious in exclusive locations, costing close to $1,500 per person per night! We have got access to the best family special offers and deals so speak to us about building an itinerary that takes advantage of these!

Book a safari camp with interconnecting rooms or a family tent so you can all stay under one roof/canvas. Don't try and do too much! Tanzania is a vast country and it’s impossible to visit every park. Children will get more out of visiting a few locations in more detail rather than rushing everywhere.

Get a range of activities- children will start to become blasé after their 10th Lion encounter in a vehicle, so arrange to ask us about a safari that has different activities. Tanzania is blessed with beautiful coastlines - after your safari spends some family time having fun on the beach snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, kite surfing, paddle boarding and much more. Or for exhausted parents, simply relax in a spa with a cold drink and a massage… a tempting alternative! Think about taking a short safari at half term in February or October as you can often take advantage of ‘off-season’ rates and fewer tourists. Ask us about special offers for families and children - these change on a frequent basis and there are often some great offers to take advantage of.

For those traveling with very young children, we generally recommend the larger hotel-style as the rooms often have air conditioning, are completely secure and made of stone as opposed to canvas. The hotels also often have extra staff on hand to babysit in the evening while you are having dinner. In the Serengeti, The Four Seasons is a great luxury hotel option, or alternatively, for those with less of a budget, the Serena Serengeti Lodge is quite appealing.

It’s also worth noting that Tanzania is in a malarial area so we recommend speaking with a doctor before booking your safari.

Older children will be thrilled by the wildlife on safari. They may also enjoy horse-riding safaris, hot air ballooning over the Serengeti, fly-camping in the bush, bush breakfasts and fishing in the rivers of the Selous. In Zanzibar, they might like to learn to scuba dive (there are several PADI accredited diving centers) or go on a dolphin safari, snorkeling or deep-sea fishing. What an amazing holiday for a teenager to tell their friends about – Tanzania seems to have it all.

Tanzania is probably one of the best and easiest safari countries to combine beach, making it the ideal family safari location. The most popular destination is Zanzibar, due to its pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters for the adults, and a huge array of exciting and fun-filled watersport activities for the kids – or vice versa!

With regular flights from all the National Parks, it is really easy to get to Zanzibar from pretty much anywhere in Tanzania all in the space of 45 – 120 minutes. If you are really keen divers or whale shark watchers, other islands to consider are Pemba and Mafia Island. For those seeking a cast-away experience take a look at the quirky Fanjove Private Island. Some of the best family beach lodges are Baraza, Breezes, Zuri Zanzibar and The Residence.

Safari is, of course, a potentially dangerous holiday due to the fact that you are staying in close proximity to wild animals! However, we only work with established, well organized and well-funded safari lodges and camps with a great safety track record. As long as you follow the instructions and briefings from the camp managers and guides in the camps then your safari will be very safe. Speak to us about which safari camps we believe are best suited for families.

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