How to climb Kilimanjaro Barranco wall?

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How to climb Kilimanjaro Barranco wall?

How to climb Kilimanjaro Barranco wall, is a non technical Kilimanjaro climb by the use all four limbs to scramble up the wall rocks. It is advisable not to use your trekking poles for this part of your hike.You need no technical climbing skills to climb Barranco wall even though the Barranco Wall looks a lot steeper than its.

Barranco wall Elevations
The Barranco Wall elevation is 257 meters. We recommend going slowly and making sure stable steps. Be deliberate and use all your four limbs to scramble up the wall. It is best not to use your trekking poles for this part of your hike. Climbing up the Barranco wall takes between 1-2 hours.

After Barranco wall
At the top of the Barranco Wall the trail continues to Karanga Camp which sits in the Karanga Valley. The Karanga Valley situated at 13,000 feet with the background of the mountain has place to enjoy for lunch rest. Some people sleep at Karanga Camp and they carry on to the next camp- Barafu camp depending on number of days you have on mountain.

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