Cultural Tourism in Tanzania

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Cultural Tourism in Tanzania

A cultural safari consists of several days staying in a local guesthouse, eating local ethic food and absorbing the culture of the people who have lived in the area for years. Each day is usually spent trekking and visiting farms, houses and local projects. All meals will be in small restaurants and your nights spent in clean but simple local guesthouses.

Tanzania is endowed with the rich cultural heritage of 120 ethnic tribes. 

The Cultural Tourism Programme provides visitors with authentic cultural experiences that combine nature, scenery, folklore, ceremonies, dances, rituals, tales, art, handicrafts, and hospitality and give a unique insight into their way of life. Lindo Travel can organize for you this rewarding experience of leaving the safari vehicle behind and walk through the lush tropical slopes of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro while Waarusha, Wameru or Wachagga guides proudly describe their carefully cultivated 'shambas' with coffee, bananas, fruits, vegetables, and dairy cow farming.

In this tour, you can discover how many steps it takes to grow, pick, dry, roast, pound and brew fresh aromatic coffee. You also get a chance to participate in the process by yourself before enjoying the taste and taking home your personal packet of Tanzania coffee! In the pastoral areas of the north together we can follow the Iraqw, Barbaig, and Maasai tracks to explore almost forgotten traditions and way of life that is closely linked to nature and wildlife.

We follow the famous drum beats and let the Ndali dancers of southern Tanzania interpret to you the music and performances they inherited from their ancestors. You will get to test the local cuisine, with all the culinary variations of Ugali, Makande, Machalari, tasty Pilau, Chapati, Nyama Choma na Ugali and sample the local brew.

The cultural tours give you a sense of culture and history of the Swahili people of coastal Tanzania. Explore the savannahs on a camel's back. Boat down a river or row on one of the many lakes while listening to hair -raising legendary tales. Or paddling between mangroves and sail with the fisherman to pristine sandy Islands. Climb a holy mountain and rest in the shade of an Acacia tree or in a giant baobab tree in the rift valley.

Meet the friendly inhabitants of Tanzania's 'Switzerland' while hiking through the Usambara Mountains you can admire ancient irrigation system -or today's craftsmanship. 

You also get a chance to listen to the healer's diagnostic methods and obtain the correct remedial prescriptions

In Tanzania, a land of superb landscapes and spectacular wildlife, another attraction stands equally tall-the people are among the most welcoming and approachable on earth, with a range of fascinating cultures ready to be shared with visitors. From the WaChagga of the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro to now World famous Maasai, a cultural excursion or a longer stay with local people is likely to become one of the most rewarding experiences of any holiday in Tanzania.
In addition, many local areas run their own cultural programs for visitors, bringing income directly to the community and giving the people the chance to show their lifestyle to the outside World on their own terms. Primary schools can be developed through the tour of the fascinating slopes of Mount Meru, a health clinic is improved through a guided tour of the luscious green Usambara Mountains, or a kindergarten funded by a stroll through the tropical vegetation of the rift valley

Cultural tourism programs are beneficial to everyone - the tourists get a unique unforgettable experience, the local people generate income and improve their standard of living, and both parties gain a valuable understanding of another culture which will last long after the visitors have returned home. 

Most cultural tourism programs are located near the main thoroughfare of the principal tourist destinations, making a cultural addition to a safari easy to arrange. Guides are local people born and raised in the area, well trained in their jobs proficient in English and other international languages.

Whether you spend the morning in a Maasai boma or trek by camel up a local summit, stopping to learn about traditional plants and tribal stories a culture tour is must to - do for everyone wanting the rich life of the Tanzanian people. Some of Tanzania's best - known cultural tourism destinations include:

  • Mererani
  • Maasailand 
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Lake Eyasi
  • Usambara 
  • Meru
  • Lake Eyasi
  • Southern Pare Mountains

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