Cultural Tourism Destinations in Tanzania

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Cultural Tourism Destinations in Tanzania


Walk the most remote mountains of northern Tanzania with local farmers, through traditional Pare villages and dense tropical forests. From half-day to three days guided hikes, this is an opportunity to step into the culture of the Pare people. Visit the Maghimbi Caves, secret hiding place during the slave raids, and then proceed to Malemeni Rock, the scene of human sacrifices to appease evil spirits up until the 1930s

Walkthrough the Ikongwe Village, believed by locals to be a gift from heaven, surrounded by mountain terraces and small waterfalls. Profits from these tours are used to subsidize much-needed energy saving stoves and education scholarships. 



Home to some of the last hunter-gatherers in Africa, the Hadzabe Bushmen have made the area around Lake Eyasi their long-time hunting grounds. Day- trips or longer safaris with the Hadzabe Bushmen give visitors a chance to experience a way of life that has long since vanished elsewhere on the planet.

Morning hunts with the Hadzabe warriors, armed with bow and arrows, offer a fascinating glimpse into an ancient way of life. Honey-gathering walks to find traditional healing plants and food and traditional dances are all part of the Hadzabe cultural tourism experience. 


Why not combine a hike up the world's most impressive mountain with a visit to its people, the historically progressive WaChagga? See traditional and modern Chagga art, culture and homes.  



Only minutes from bustling Arusha, and centered around Africa's fifth highest peak are sports that look and feel as they did a decades ago. But everywhere too, is a transition as the WaArusha and WaMeru peoples adapt tradition to progress and science.

Visitors can meet a traditional healer, learn about animal husbandry and agriculture, and buy carvings and foodstuffs from the local handicraft co-operatives or women's business.


Only 70 km from Arusha, TanzaniteOne is the largest and most sophisticated mine of the precious blue-violet gemstone, tanzanite, who is an association with the Tanzanite experience, have on offer mine tours through their visitor's center, situated in Mererani.

Discover the intriguing universe of Tanzanite from mine to market, through a geological /mining presentation and for the more adventurous a tour into the mine's first-ever JW Shaft. Proceeds of funds generated from mine tour entrance fees and tanzanite sales will be used to support further community upliftment projects within the area.     


 Africa's Switzerland, a hiker's paradise, with dozens of varied treks from half a day to a week, this stunning mountainous range is accessible from Lushoto in the west, home to one of Tanzania's great historical kingdoms, or alternatively Amani in the east.

Today much of the mountains are used in the production of coffee, sisal, tea, and cinchona, with rice grown in the swampy foothills.

Cultural Tourism in Tanzania

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