A reason to go on a Tanzania Safari with us Lindo Travel & Tours

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A reason to go on a Tanzania Safari with us Lindo Travel & Tours

Tanzania is the most exciting tourist destination in the world. This is the land of the highest volcanic free-standing mountain (Kilimanjaro). It is also the home of the biggest Caldera in the world, with a most significant diversity of large African mammals and bird inside (Ngorongoro Crater). Tanzania is also the land of the spectacular plains of Serengeti, the famous area for the great Wildebeest migration. Tanzania’s coastline is also known for her beautiful beaches of soft white sand, especially on Zanzibar, the ‘Spice Island’. Tanzania is a truly outstanding destination in Africa because of the high diversity of wildlife and habitat, culture and activities.

Photos may be worth a thousand words but seeing Tanzania in person is an expression of beauty beyond any single word. Lindo Travel & Tours sample Safaris, Climbing and Trekking itineraries are provided for perspective on what you may consider for the great adventure vacation you are planning. Our treks and adventures are planned with your adventurous spirit in mind. For the nature lovers as well, these itineraries would expose you to numerous habitats and are excellent for both birds watching and big game viewing.
Lindo Travel & Tours will provide Friendly, Knowledgeable and experienced Mountain Guides and Safari guides that will guide you on the best paths, point out the numerous rare species and help you identify birds and beasts of interest. If camping is required or of choice, you will also be accompanied by a Professional Mountain/Safari cook to provide you with tasty and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners throughout your Trekking expedition or Safari.

Lindo Travel & Tours has designed numerous itineraries to ensure the fun, safety and adventure aspirations of children, disabled people, and a multitude of other requirements. This is where experience matters most, we have over 15 years in the trekking and safari business. Our primary goal is to provide an ideal opportunity for everyone to have the safest and most exciting educational experience of a lifetime - After all, Mountain trekking and safaris is both fun and full of new experiences.

Lindo Travel & Tours provides:
* Expert safari guides who know their birds as well as animal behaviors
* Unique safari locations including community-based ecotourism, walking safaris and cultural immersion.
* Exceptional Climbing, Trekking and Safaris and Unforgettable High-altitude experience and wildlife
*Private Climbing, Trekking and safaris, tailor-made for your personal requirements the itineraries on these pages are just a few examples of the memorable Climb, Treks, and Tanzania safaris that we can help you to create. Lindo Travel & Tours does not compromise on the quality of safari, food, service or the design of the safari. The safari you do is the safari we'd do. Please have a look at our pre-designed safari itineraries https://www.lindotravel.com/tours

Contact us for more information about planning your ideal Tanzania safari, send your e-mail to info@lindotravel.com or call us 24/7 +255 768 884042

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