Food and Water on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing
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Food and Water on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Food and Water on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.

We provide fresh fruits and food on the Kilimanjaro climb with a lot of carbohydrates, a food diet for vegans and vegetarians as well as special food for clients with food allergies, Halal and Kosher are offered.

Breakfast is tea, coffee, porridge, sausages, bread, toast, eggs, and fruit. On longer hiking days will have a picnic lunch along the route.

A typical lunch is a cheese, bread, crackers, peanut butter, jam or honey, mustard, potatoes, chips or Chevda, canned fish, fruit, peanuts, cashews, or cookies. On shorter hiking days we will have lunch in camp with hot drinks, soup, cheese, sandwiches, vegetable sticks, and cookies.

Dinner is served buffet style inside the mess tent, beginning with soup and bread or crackers, followed by a main course of rice with stew or curry, or pasta with sauce, cooked vegetables, or salad and potatoes. Desert and hot drinks follow the main course.

We use olive oil to prepare food the benefits of olive oil over other vegetable oils are its low levels of saturated fat and high levels of unsaturated fat. Minimizing the intake of saturated fat has been shown to lower cholesterol, and therefore reduce the potential for heart diseases.

Nutritional preparation before an endurance event should be:
Glycogen storage: Storage of carbohydrates in the liver and muscles as glycogen is essential. The glycogen is converted to glucose for energy utilization during the event. Balanced nutrient intake: Provide your body with the essential nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals) as a prerequisite for optimal performance. A balanced pre-event meal that ensures stable blood sugar levels for the start of the day and the event

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