About Us


We are a small but yet unique tour company owned, and managed by young and creative entrepreneurs in Tanzania, We are very confident with the understanding and experience that we have built for many years working in the travel industry in Tanzania. We know and have been in every corner of the country, and can guarantee that we can create a special experience for you.

We will listen to you carefully to make sure that we collect all the details, requirements and your interests to make sure that every bit of the experience that we will organize for you, is going to be unique and personal. We will make sure that every day of your stay with us, brings you happiness, peace of mind, love and mostly the fulfilments of your dream safari in Africa.

Our tour guides are professional trained, well experienced, and we do regular training for all of our staffs to make sure that you don’t miss anything. Not only will you be taken to see the wildlife or Climb Mountains etc! Rather- We also want you take a little bit of ourselves to your home place. We will connect you with the local people of the country, learn about the culture and their traditions, listen to their stories and understand how they go about their daily life. Trust us - when we say that, a trip with us is a life changing experience.


  • You should book with us if you are a type of the following person;
  • You want the best experience
  • You want to support the local people, and want smaller companies to grow
  • You want not only the wildlife, mountains and beaches, but you also like to know the people of the places that you visit.
  • You want to book direct from the locals, and reduce the cost which a traveler agent from your home town might charge to organize the safari of your dream.
  • You want a genuine experience that is naturally driven and has all of the African's inclinations that you have read, seen on documentaries or an imagination of the dream that you had when you were young. We will do our best to make sure that we deliver more than what you were expecting.

About The Founder!

My name Stephan L Sunday, I am the founder and C.E.O of Lindo Travel & Tours. Tourism is my life, I have been working in the tourism industry for over 10 years now. Being a tour guide by professional, and have worked as guide for many tour companies here in Tanzania. The love that I have for the wild animals is an exceptional, I can recall the first time I saw my first Zebra ooh, it was a heartfelt experience. I founded Lindo Travel & Tours only, to share my knowledge and experience with a person like you. Every tailor made travel itinerary that we design has my own touch, and you can be sure that, it’s going to be of its own kind with the fact that I have a wide knowledge of the places, national parks, hotel accommodations and all that one needs to craft one of the best safari's itinerary.

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Why Choose Lindo Travel & Tours..?

A timely response

Know that a fast response is imperative for success in our industry, and as your partners on the ground we are committed to getting back to every inquiry the same day or at the most within 48 hours.

Commitment to personalized 1-on-1 service

The basis of our travel model and business model is the idea that each and every visitor gets the one on one service and attention they deserve. From working with a personal travel expert, to planning a totally unique trip, we like to do things the old fashioned way… one on one!

Expert Local Guides

Nothing is more special than authentic travel so we make sure that our trips are guided by people who know and love each of our unique destinations. Our fantastic local guides were born and raised here and it’s part of their job to share their passion and insight with you!

In-Depth Local Knowledge

It’s really important to us to truly know the places we take our guests. Having in-depth knowledge of each park, city, and town… where they have been, are, and are headed… means that we can give our travelers great value and a meaningful experiences on every trip.

Great Travel Value

We make it a point to give you great travel value on every trip by working directly with local partners and uncovering the best value experiences. Creating value for our travelers is built into the way our company is set up and run on every level.

Responsible Travel

All of our trips are culturally and environmentally sensitive so that the people and places we visit are always taken into consideration. From supporting local economies to following local customs we make sure the only impact our travelers have is a positive one.

John our tour guide with client and chef at ngorongoro crater

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the society by working in a joint venture with the community based tourism development initiative, employment to the local people with skill and knowledge along with creating jobs and promoting the culture, history, environments, combining with leisure and Tanzanian wildlife attractions for both local and international. We will offer you the same quality of services either you are alone or in a group or a family.

Our client arrives from a game drive in serengeti

Our Staffs

We believe in hard working. And so for the few people that we work with, we make sure that we give them fair salaries that will help them run their life, make some saving and develop, we motivate them to work hard, healthier and responsibly. When the company's financial allows, We intented to support them with soft loan with no interests in three areas: Buying land, Building a Home, and to further their educations

Our Beautiful client at Ngorongoro Crater

Our Client's experience

At Lindo Travel & Tours, we believe that the very first reason we exist is because of our guests. If we remove our guests in the picture, there is nothing else needed? It is true that our guests makes all other things possible. Our guests are first, second and third priority before anything else. We invest time, money and all our effort to have new ideas to make sure that our guests experience is always above the edge.