What to Bring For Mt Kilimanjaro Climb

You are responsible for bringing personal equipment and clothes while communal equipment (i.e. Tents, food, cooking items,etc.) Is provided. The downloadable pDf file below provides a gear list of required, recommended and optional items to bring. Make sure the equipment is high quality and suitable for high mountain expeditions.

The clothes listed are for hiking during the day, lounging in the camp, and for sleeping. Layers are important so you can adjust your clothing to variable temperatures. Inner layer should be moist wicking – no cotton. Next layer should be insulating and warm, and your top layer should be waterproof but breathable.

All extra luggage not related to your climb can be stored in our office. Be selective in what else you take with you. Our porters are limited to carrying 35 lbs. (15 kg) of your personal belongings. Excess weight requires additional porter(s) and must be reported to us on beforehand.

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