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The origin of the Name Kilimanjaro

The meaning of Kilimanjaro

Since the earliest explorers visited East Africa, people have been intrigued by the name Kilimanjaro and its meaning. The Chagga people do not have the name for the whole mountain, just the two peaks: Kibo (or kipoo) means “spotted” and refers to the rock that can be seen standing out against the snow on this peak; Mawenzi (or kimawenzi) means “having a broken top” and again describes, i...


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The Uniqueness of Mkomazi National Park


Formerly the National Park was commissioned as a Game Reserve in 1951 following the degazettment of the much larger Ruvu Game Reserve. It was declared as Game Reserve to preserve both flora and fauna and utilize them sustainability through tourism, game hunting and wildlife viewing.

Mkomazi ‘comes from the Pare vernacular: one of the biggest tribes in the Kilimanjaro Region in Northern ...


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How Mount Kilimanjaro was formed

Background Information of Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro was formed about 1 million years ago by a series of volcanic movement’s along the Great Rift Valley. Until this point, the area was flat plain at about 600-900 meters above the sea level. About 750000 years ago volcanic activity forced three points above 4800 meters-Shira, Kibo and Mawenzi. Some 250,000 years later Shira became inactive and collapse into itse...


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The Most Popular & Recommended Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes

Lemosho Route

Approaching from the West, the Lemosho route is one of our highly recommended routes. The first three days of the ascent are quiet and relatively untraveled. The route then joins the busier Machame trail and follows the Southern circuit to Barafu Camp. A wonderful route in terms of scenery, it offers unequalled views over the majestic Shira plateau. The high success rate for this route is comparable ...


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How Should Your Tanzania Safari Itinerary Look Like

For safaris, the general rule is the longer, the better, particularly in large areas such as the Serengeti, Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve. Much of the safari market focusing on the northern circuit has degenerated into quick in- and out trips which - apart from the deleterious environmental effects - can make the whole experience seem like a bit unnatural. While it is possible to see plenty of wildlife on a day t...