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Tanzania Cities & Towns

In addition to a wealth of stunning natural attractions Tanzania’s has towns and cities that make vibrant and fascinating stops, plenty to see and do. Many of Tanzania’s coastal cities founded as port towns from which valuable goods were transported across the Indian Ocean by sailing dhow. On the mainland, many inland town were important rest stops for trade caravans on their way to central Africa or Lake Victoria, or returnin...


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Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve

(Fungu ya Yasin, Mbudya, Bongoyo and Pangavini Islands) The Dar es salaam Marine Reserve are unique due to their proximity to the city, potential biodiversity and richness, good scenic diving and snorkeling sites, Marine birds and dolphins viewing. Occasionally hunchback whales are spotted in deep waters around the reserves from May to August. The islands are open to visitors during the day and have bandas shades, information ...


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Spa Treatment In Tanzania

Enjoy a massage with your partner as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean or out in the bush as antelope and zebra graze on the plains and quench their thirst at watering hole. The wellness phenomenon is sweeping Tanzania. Visitors see their holidays as a chance to unwind from the stresses of everyday life, relax and pamper themselves. Spas are popping up across the country, becoming standard addition to hotels and resorts in a ...


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Marine Parks in Tanzania

Not only is Tanzania the number one destination for safaris, its endless coral reefs in the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean offer some of the archipelago islands of the coast of Tanzania and Zanzibar are surrounded by coral reefs and are home to an amazing array of wildlife and unique ecosystems, as well as providing shelters, sustenance and employment for local people.

From Mafia island Marine Park, an unspoiled...


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Diving Adventures in Tanzania

Diving in Tanzania is a magical experience. Cristal clear tropical water, unspoiled corals, shoals of fish darting through the reefs, sea turtles gliding through the water, school of barracudas circling overhead. Tanzania has something to offer divers of all abilities. The dive sites in Dar es Salaam, Mtwara, Mikindani, Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia rival those found in the Red Sea and deserve to place Tanzania on the map as a div...