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Things You Need to Know About Tanzania




Tanzania's climate is predominately tropical. Coastal areas are usually hot and humid, but on the beaches a sea breeze cools the air considerably. The average day temperatures is 30c. Tanzania has two rainy seasons - the long rains from late March to June and the short rains from November to January. The long rain fall in heavy downpours...


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These days, Bagamoyo is a center for dhow sailboat building on the Tanzania coast. A quiet village with a few German colonial buildings still standing, it was once one of the most important trading ports on the East African coast, and the penultimate stop of slave and ivory caravans traveling on foot from Lake Tanganyika on their way to Zanzibar. Missionaries active in abolishing the slave trade made Bagamoyo a center of their...


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Mafia Marine Park

Mafia Island, located 120km south of Dar es Salaam is surrounded by some of the richest reefs in the world, with over 50 types of corals and 400 species of fishes identified so far. Mafia’s best diving is at depths less than 30 m where you can see most kind of tropical Marine habitats, including exposed fringing reefs, rock walls, soft coral and algae dominated reefs. Large predatory fish and turtles are common and mostly unaf...


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Located in the northern highlands of Tanzania, beneath the two peaks of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, Arusha is the safari capital of the country. Guests embarking on the popular northern safari circuit all stop in the “Geneva of Africa” to prepare for their journeys into African Bush. From its two lines streets, the dramatic crater of Mount Meru stands over the town like a majestic sentinel, its crater strewn with thick c...


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Small Group Joining Safaris in Tanzania

Small Group Safaris in Tanzania

Joining an existing group safari with Lindo Travel Tanzania, and enjoy our fabulous services all in a very affordable rate. We periodically create fixed departures dates for both safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, all in Small Group Tours. We make it very easy for our customers to join any of our existing group tours, we post regularly any departure dates that we create. Then w...