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Top 5 Things Tanzania is Famous for

Tanzania boasts many national treasures, and there are countless things to see and do when you visit this beautiful country. If you are having trouble narrowing down your list of activities, check out the top five things Tanzania is famous for:


Serengeti National Park is the most famous park in Tanzania and a great place to go on safari. The park is usually abundant with wildlife all year...


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Tanzania Safaris

The sight of hundreds wildebeest moving across the plains, elephants silhouetted against a red-orange sunset, or pink haze of flamingos wadding in the shallows are likely to be among the indelible images that you will take away from your time in Tanzania. Thanks to the number, variety and accessibility of its wildlife - all roaming around against a highly evocative natural backdrop - the country has become an African premier s...


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Located in the heartland of Tanzania, Dodoma is the nation’s official political capital and the seat of government in the country. Comparably much smaller and less developed than the country’s commercial centre Dar es Salaam, Dodoma remains a centre for national politics. Situated on the eastern edge of the southern highlands, the city is surrounded by a rich agricultural area and pleasant scenery.

It is the center of T...


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Things to Know Before Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

How hard is it?

An ascent to the summit of Kilimanjaro is an incredible experience, but although the climb is not technical and requires no special mountaineering knowledge, it is certainly not to be taken lightly. At over 19,340 feet (5895 metres) it is Africa's highest mountain and it is no 'walk in the park. Altitude sickness can prevent even the fit and well-prepared climber from getting to the summit. Having...


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Maziwe Island Marine Reserve

Maziwe Island Marine Reserve, situated 15 nautical miles east of Pangani, has over 350 fish species, 35 genera of coral and exceptional bird-life. Maziwe Island was designed a reserve in the 1970s due to erosion caused from the cutting of trees fo firewood. The Island now emerges from the Sea at low tide and is an ideal place for swimming, snorkeling, diving and sunbathing.