By ~ Lindo Travel | Monday 5th, November, 2018

What to Carry On Your Day Pack for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Everything you need on day climb will need to be packed on your day pack, as our porters will be hiking to the camp, and therefore you will always access your duffer bag or day pack in the morning and as well as in the evening when you usually arrive to the camp.

Bellow is our suggestion on what to carry on your day pack on Kilimanjaro climb

• Camera

• Water for drinking

• Sun hat

• Sun glasses...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Monday 29th, October, 2018

Tents on Mount Kilimanjaro

Lindo Travel uses only the best high altitude Mountain tents and maintain them to the highest standards. Our tents are water proof from Mountain hardware and Eureka. Each Kilimanjaro trek is supplied by mess/ dinning tents, crew sleeping tent and client tents. All our tents are good for traveling in high altitude.

A light weight wedge tent with space of three clients to be used for two clients and their stuff, the tents...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Saturday 27th, October, 2018

What Are the Importance of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with full moon

The full moon occurs when the earth is located directly between the sun and the moon, causing the moon to be completely illuminated (it looks completely round and bright). A Kilimanjaro full moon happens about every 29 days and there are 13 full Moons dates in every year.

Kilimanjaro Full Moon Climbing is very important and a unique experience to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and summit under the shining full moon light. Climb...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Friday 26th, October, 2018

How to climb Kilimanjaro Barranco wall?

How to climb Kilimanjaro Barranco wall, is a non technical Kilimanjaro climb by the use all four limbs to scramble up the wall rocks. It is advisable not to use your trekking poles for this part of your hike.You need no technical climbing skills to climb Barranco wall even though the Barranco Wall looks a lot steeper than its.

Barranco wall Elevations

The Barranco Wall elevation is 257 meters. We recommend going s...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Friday 26th, October, 2018

Kilimanjaro Summit Success Rate

We have a good Kilimanjaro successful summit rate; Lindo Travel will get you to the top.

We have good successfully rate over Kilimanjaro summit. Our Kilimanjaro overall statistics shows that, almost all clients climbed with us made to the top (Uhuru peak).

Always we prepare well our trip, and we have good strategies over Kilimanjaro summit on all routes.\We use government licensed mountain guides with high altitud...