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Kilimanjaro Evacuation by Helicopter - RESCUE Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro rescue procedure always happen when a customer get a seriously ill on Mount Kilimanjaro and can’t descend under their own power, in such instance a Helicopter rescue may need to be conducted.

Evacusion on Kilimanjaro.

Lindo Travel has an agreement with intensive care Air Ambulance Kilimanjaro SAR, who can evacuate you in case of any several problem arise...


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Food and water on Mount Kilimanjaro climbing.

We provide fresh fruits and food on the Kilimanjaro climb with a lot of carbohydrates, food diet for vegans and vegetarians as well as special food for client with food allergy, Halal and Kosher are offered.


Breakfast is tea, coffee, porridge, sausages, bread, toast, eggs and fruit.

Longer hiking days will have a picnic lunch along the route.


A typical lunch is chees...


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What are the Importance's of joining a group on Kilimanjaro Climbing?

What is Kilimanjaro Join Group?

Is a Kilimanjaro climb that is formed with a minimum requirement of at least 2 people to climb the same route and climbing dates schedule confirmed? A collection of individuals who have booked a group climb trip, to achieve Kilimanjaro climb set of goals and dates.

There are mainly two types of Kilimanjaro Join Groups Offered by Lindo Travel:

Kilimanjaro Open G...


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What to Carry On Your Day Pack for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Everything you need on day climb will need to be packed on your day pack, as our porters will be hiking to the camp, and therefore you will always access your duffer bag or day pack in the morning and as well as in the evening when you usually arrive to the camp.

Bellow is our suggestion on what to carry on your day pack on Kilimanjaro climb

• Camera

• Water for drinking

• Sun hat

• Sun glasses...


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Tents on Mount Kilimanjaro

Lindo Travel uses only the best high altitude Mountain tents and maintain them to the highest standards. Our tents are water proof from Mountain hardware and Eureka. Each Kilimanjaro trek is supplied by mess/ dinning tents, crew sleeping tent and client tents. All our tents are good for traveling in high altitude.

A light weight wedge tent with space of three clients to be used for two clients and their stuff, the tents...