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Explore Lake Natron - Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Shimmering amid the parched, sun scorched landscapes along the Kenyan boarder north-east of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area NCA is Lake Natron, a 60km-long alkaline Lake known for the huge flocks of flamingos that gather here at the end of the rainy season.

The surrounding country is remote, with a desolate other worldly beauty and incomparable feeling of space and can be rewarding – albeit of very hot – off the ...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Monday 16th, April, 2018

What is Possible to do when you are in Moshi

Moshi is a small, bustling town that nestles in the gently-sloping foothills of the majestic Kilimanjaro. It’s the traditional jump-off point for the brave souls that attempt Kilimanjaro but Moshi isn’t just about climbing. It has a spirit and energy all its own, and, although the grand beauty of Kilimanjaro looming in the distance is ever-present, it’s worth exploring for its colour, bustling markets and daily lives of its Ch...


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Tanzania Camping Safari Adventures

Camping conjures up many different images for different people-memories of scout and guide camps as youth or perhaps family camping trips- but for the purposes of the camping safaris offered by TATO members like we do at Lindo Travel, there are four categories.


Budget camping involves traveling with all your camp equipments, your guide and possibly a cook in your vehicle, once you get to camp ...


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Which is The Best Month to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

The dry, warm months from mid-December to March and the dry, but cooler months from June to October are generally the best times to trek on the mountain as the weather is normally more favorable with less rain and snow. November is a little more unpredictable and you can have some beautiful sunny days followed by some very poor weather.

The months of April and May should be avoided as it can be very wet with heavy snow a...