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By ~ Lindo Travel | Thursday 28th, January, 2021

Kilimanjaro Marathon Amazing Offers

Dreaming of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or do safari to see Serengeti National Park, or just a day trip to one of our beautiful National Park, and enjoy the beauty of Tanzania?.
Here are good news for you. During the Kilimanjaro Marathon event, we will be offering all of tours at a discount of 10% OFF: whether its a trek, beach holiday, safari or day trip you get the discount.
Visit our website, choose the tour you want a...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Tuesday 13th, October, 2020

How Long Does it take to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro With a Guide?

It takes at least 5 days to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Though, a minimum of 6 days, and preferably 7 or 9 days, can give you a far better chance of reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. For those with a longer time to spare, there are several other slow and scenic climbing routes that can be done over 10 or more days.

Mount Kilimanjaro is an extraordinary natural icon. The world’s tallest freestanding volcano mountain ...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Thursday 10th, September, 2020

Lindo Travel & Tours – The Travel & Hospitality 2020 Award Winner

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the judges, to all participants of the Awards, and to the organization which arranged an African Programme for the 2020 - Travel & Hospitality Awards. We would like to share our genuine happiness, for our company to be announced the winner of the 2020 Travel & Hospitality Awards. This award means a lot to us, and it gives us more energy to continue with the spirit of...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Thursday 21st, May, 2020

How hard is it to plan an African Safari

Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to think when you want to travel, as you will have so many questions that you might be asking yourself, and some of the questions you might get the answer, but some of them need a little bit of investigation or you might need to look for someone to help you, whether an expert or just a colleague who has an idea of what you are looking for. When it comes to an African Safari! then you nee...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Monday 13th, January, 2020

Cultural Tourism Destinations in Tanzania

Walk the most remote mountains of northern Tanzania with local farmers, through traditional Pare villages and dense tropical forests. From half-day to three days guided hikes, this is an opportunity to step into the culture of the Pare people. Visit the Maghimbi Caves, secret hiding place during the slave raids, and then proceed to Malemeni Rock, the scene of human sacrifices to appease ev...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Monday 13th, January, 2020

Cultural Tourism in Tanzania

A cultural safari consists of several days staying in a local guesthouse, eating local ethic food and absorbing the culture of the people who have lived in the area for years. Each day is usually spent trekking and visiting farms, houses and local projects. All meals will be in small restaurants and your nights spent in clean but simple local guesthouses.

Tanzania is endowed with the rich cultural heritage of 120 ethnic ...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Thursday 9th, January, 2020

How to Get the Best Honeymoon Experience in Tanzania

We Trust ourselves on the quality of our itinerary planning. Each honeymoon is constructed according to the needs of the individual couple. With a stunning country, as diverse as Tanzania it's important to know how to get away from the path most traveled. Our knowledge of the camps, the best rooms, and best game areas ensure that your honeymoon is that once in a lifetime experience it should be.

We tend to favor small, p...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Wednesday 20th, November, 2019

The History of a Safari in Tanzania


In Swahili, Safari simply means “Journey” today the word is synonymous with the thrill of seeing Africa’s great wildlife.

Images of the grand hunting safari, complete with an entourage of porters, still abound in Tanzania, immortalized by adventures of glamorous big game hunters such as Ernest Hemingway. Today, it is photographic rather than hunting safaris that form the mainstay of Tanzania tourism, ...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Friday 1st, November, 2019

What Legend has to say about Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Story

From ancient Ethiopian emperors to modern US presidents, Mount Kilimanjaro’s majestic snowcapped peak attracts adventurous from all over the world.

According to legend, the first person to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro was King Menelik I, supposedly the son of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba. He ruled the Axumite Empire in what is now northern Ethiopia in the 10th Century BC and fought battles in...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Wednesday 30th, October, 2019

Tanzania Northern Safari Circuit

The Northern Safari Circuit

The world’s finest safari circuit incorporates the legendary Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, as well as the lovely Lake Manyara, Oldupai Gorge and the rock art of Kondoa.

Running westwards from Arusha towards the eastern shores of Lake Victoria, the well-established safari circuit through northern Tanzania is explored by almost all first-time visitors to the country. Some will cherry-pi...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Wednesday 25th, September, 2019

Things You real need on a Camping Safari in Africa

It is always a challenge what to pack when going on vacation, but when going on a camping safari to the Serengeti it gets even tougher. That’s why Lindo Travel wants you to separate the useful from the useless items.

1.Head torch

A head torch is an absolute must for camping in the wild. Why? First of all, it is very handy when putting down the tents early in the morning. Working your way around with a torch in your...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Thursday 19th, September, 2019

Which is The Best Hot Air Balloon Company in the Serengeti Plains?

Enjoy an incredible balloon safari flying over the Serengeti National Park, boosting enchanting scenery and uninterrupted views on an unforgettable, extraordinary adventure. Allowing you to absorb the magnitude of the size of the park with amazing opportunities for stunning photographic moments on this miraculous glide over the Serengeti Ecosystem.

These endless plains are host to The Wildebeest Migration where millions ...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Wednesday 28th, August, 2019

Planning a Climb to Mount Kilimanjaro trip in Tanzania

Planning a Climb to Mount Kilimanjaro trip in Tanzania

Planning a Kilimanjaro climb with Lindo Travel is easy, prepare earlier the necessary gears for your Mount Kilimanjaro climbing adventure. Bring those items that are not optional but essential for your comfort and safety and enjoyable climbing.

Physical Preparations

It is important that your body is adequately prepared for the physical challenges o...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Friday 19th, July, 2019

How to Organize the Best Tanzania Family Safari Holiday

A Tanzania safari is a delight for all ages, and as such is an ideal family holiday. The excitement of the adventure is truly shared, allowing parents, grandparents, and children to treasure memories forever after. Every Tanzania safari is so different; each wildlife moment is so distinct, that even old-timers cannot claim to have seen it all before.

We've created many fabulous Tanzania family holidays - however, carefu...


By ~ Lindo Travel | Tuesday 21st, May, 2019

Ban of Plastic Bags in Tanzania

Lindo Travel would like to notify all travelers planning to visit Tanzania that, the Government of Tanzania has made an official announcement that, from 1st June 2019 all plastic carrier bags, regardless of their thickness will be prohibited from being imported, exported, manufactured, sold, stored, supplied and used on mainland Tanzania.

However, plastic or plastic packing for medical services, industrial products, con...