Our Accommodation Styles

Basic Camping Safari

Travelers will be sleeping on public campsites; bathroom facilities are shared with fellow travelers at the camp. Travelers travel together in our own vehicle, with our own driver-guide and a chef who prepares all food

Mid - Range Safari

Travelers will be staying in small lodges and tented camps, bathroom facilities are ensuite, this option is perfect balance of quality and price. Comfort accommodations are handpicked to ensure the best quality.

Semi - Luxury Safari

To some travelers’ luxury is more important. With comfort plus you will stay in lodges or tented camps where the quality of services and facilities is that of big hotel organization. Lindo Travel will pamper you on your Comfort Plus safari.



This is an amazing and affordable 5 Days Camping Safari in Tanzania which is possible to do for both budget camping safari and lodge, the tour is organized to give you a chance to visit Tarangir...



This delightful Safari Tour which covers the four tourist attractions found in the southern Tanzania tourism circuit it starts from Selous game reserve to Mikumi national park then proceeding to...



The 6 days version of the Rongai route (via Mawenzi Tarn) is the route of choice for those looking for an easy climb with excellent success rates, but away from the crowds, with great scenery an...



The Marangu Route is jokingly referred to as the "Tourist Route" or "Coca-Cola Route". It's called "Tourist Route" for two reasons. One reason is simply its popularity: it makes this c...



Rongai Route is the only route that approaches the summit from the north whereby it starts near the border of Tanzania and Kenya. For those looking for a more remote route, The 7 Days Kilimanjar...



The Lemosho route approaches Kilimanjaro from the west and then joins the Machame route. The first two days on the Lemosho route take you through a beautiful and very remote rainforest, with goo...


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