Hot Air Balloon Safari

Balloon safaris

Hot air balloon safari fits in with all safari itineraries that include a night in central Serengeti (Luxury Serena Lodge, Seronera Lodge or Sopa Lodge or any of the central Serengeti camp sites). All Baloon safaris in Serengeti launch from a site near Maasai Kopjes. There are two hot air balloons in Serengeti with passenger capacity of 12 each. They fly once every day taking off at dawn rising in motion with the African sun, floating in the free air responding to the direction of the moving air drifting onwards peaceful in silence.

Rising up to an altitude of 1000 ft

Before the experience, you will meet the pilot and receive a briefing as you watch the inflation of the hot air balloon. From here you will engage in to the early part of the flight along Seronera River where animal congregate for water. Rising up to an altitude of 1000 ft, the pilot will help you spot and identify the animals below as you take photos. The balloon is a total free vibration platform with a unique view of the serengeti plains with its wildlife.

Greatest panoramic views and sights of animals

The balloon offer panoramic views of the awe inspiring landscape and a glimpse at some of the nocturnal animals, un usual sights and possibility of taking very nice pictures of animals like cheetah, lions, leopard, elephants buffalo, hippo, cheetah, vultures, eagles, wildebeest, zebra, baboon, warthog, monkey, giraffe and many other animals species below.

Perfect photographing opportunities

But the above is not the only excitement. Wait until the pilot is set on to put more heat in the balloon, where a gentle roar from the burners emerge and for reasons best known to man, provides a perfect photographing opportunities as you silently drift onwards. The perfect way to end a perfect experience after a hot air balloon is a chilled champagne for a toast and thereafter bush English breakfast served under a fine umbrella tree close to landing spot.

You'll receive your Serengeti Hot air balloon certificate before being driven back to your luxury safari lodge or campsite, viewing game animals as en route.