7 Days Machame Full Moon Summit 19 February 2019.


13th, February, 2019.

21st, February, 2019.

Kilimanjaro 7 Days Machame route is highly recommended for high altitude acclimatization gain.Though the climbing can be done in a minimum of six days (five nights) on the mountain. However, it is most often tackled over seven days (six nights), for a better altitude acclimatization schedule. It is designed for physically fit people with some hiking experience, but plenty of first time trekker use the route as well and do just fine.

Trek Mount Kilimanjaro with Full moon during February and Enhance your whole experience with bright moon on 19 February 2019.Clients will arrive on 13 February 2019 and begin hiking on 14 February 2019 through Machame route for 7 days.

This join group full moon summit Kilimanjaro through Machame Route 7 days is a very special itinerary designed for those wishing to make the ascent to the summit in the daylight hours as well as with sun rise during full moon.


7 Days Machame Full Moon Summit 19 February 2019.



Start Date End Date Availability
13th, February, 2019 21st, February, 2019 Unvailable

Join Group Kilimanjaro Climbing Through Machame Route 6 Days.

26th, January, 2019

31st, January, 2019

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