Gombe Streams National Park

Gombe Stream is the smallest of Tanzania's National Parks, a thin strip of an ancient forest set amidst Mountains and steep Valleys on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Chimpazee are Gombe Stream's main attraction, they are the star of the world's most famous Chimpazees community, made famous by the pioneering British researcher Jane Goodall, whose years of constant observation since 1960 have brought to light startling new facts about Mankind's closest Cousins.

Chimps are as individually unique as human beings and no scientific expertise is needed to distinguish the different characters in the cast. The majority of the park mammals are primates, Most of them forest species and in addition to the famous Chimpanzees, visitors could be lucky enough to see Blue or Red-tail Monkey. Carnivores are rare in the forest, making Gombe Stream the ideal place for peaceful walking safaris, or swim in one of the Streams.

The best time to find Chimpanzees at Gombe is during the wet season from February to June and November to December. The dry months of July to October and December to January are better for photo opportunities.