Endoro Waterfalls

Endoro Falls is located on the southern edge of the Ngorongoro forest. It is easily accessed from a newly-opened trail near Gibbs Farm in Karatu. The walk takes you through the forest, the elephant caves and Endoro Waterfalls. This is a 2-3 hour moderate hike and beauty of this trek lies in the fact that you get to be in a completely unspoiled forest. On a typical visit, you can come across Dik Dik (the world ’s smallest antelope) and other forest creatures, including amazing bird life.

Elephants also frequent this forest for its salt as this is evident from the cave-like structure that has been carved by elephants in search of this important nutrient. Following the hike, you may wish to visit a reforestation project, initiated by Roy Safaris, which has seen some 21,000 trees grown in the area. We have a nursery where we would encourage you to plant a tree which will be nurtured by Roy Safaris. Experience has shown that we need to nurture an indigenous tree sapling for 3-4 years. Perhaps someday you may want to return to Tanzania to see how your tree(s) have grown!