How to buy the really & best quality Tanzanite Gemstone

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How to buy the really & best quality Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite is actually a blue zoisite. For its brilliance and fire, it is commonly known as a “BLUE DIAMOND”. It is exclusively mined in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and only a few years of mining left, therefore, making it the most exquisite blue stone 1000 times rarer than diamonds and increasingly appealing.

CLARITY - Clarity simply refers to how inclusion-free a gemstone is. The basic rule with Tanzanite is that it should be eye-clean but preferably loupe-clean.To determine the good quality of Tanzanite, one has to take into consideration the C’s; Color, Clarity and Caret Weight.

COLOR - Color is the most important in the C’s when considering Tanzanite quality. Tanzanite’s Interesting Color. The mineral zoisite naturally occurs in a wide range of colors that includes colorless, gray, yellow, brown, pink, green, blue, and violet. The name “tanzanite” is used for a color variety of zoisite that ranges from blue to bluish purple to bluish violet. Fine qualities bear a deep color concentration.

Green and pink varieties are considered the rarest. These colors are called fancy tanzanite although technically this gem is green zoisite. Tanzanite has a single source in Tanzania. Recently deeper mining practices have unearthed extremely rare pink orange yellow and green varieties.

The darker the color, the better the quality of the Tanzanite stone.

CUT - The quality of gemstone’s cut can have a striking impact on the price per carat. Jewelers and savvy gem shoppers are paying more attention to the cut to get most beauty of money.

CARAT WEIGHT - Tanzanites exist in even 100+ carat range but these are rare. The term used to measure a Tanzanite’s weight - One-carat weight is 1/5th of a gram.

MEANING & LORE - Tanzanite signifies insight, understanding, and sensitivity. A person who wears it exudes confidence and distinct individuality. It is a calming and soothing stone that relieves stress and depression while enhancing composure, poise, and harmony. Tanzanite is also said to transmute negativity. In today’s gems and jewelry markets, Tanzanite is one of the top ten best selling colored gemstones.

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