How Should Your Tanzania Safari Itinerary Look Like

How Should Your Tanzania Safari Itinerary Look Like

For safaris, the general rule is the longer, the better, particularly in large areas such as the Serengeti, Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve. Much of the safari market focusing on the northern circuit has degenerated into quick in- and out trips which - apart from the deleterious environmental effects - can make the whole experience seem like a bit unnatural. While it is possible to see plenty of wildlife on a day trip or an overnight excursion, you will need time to experience the more subtle attractions of Tanzania’s magnificent wilderness areas.

If you are serous about a safari, allow a minimum of five days from Arusha/Moshi to get off the main roads and explore a bit. In the south, or anywhere if you fly in and out, three to four days, focused in each park or reserve, can work out quite well.

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Small Group Joining Safaris in Tanzania

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