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Travel flexibility - with the Covid-19 Pandemic

Travel flexibility - with the Covid-19 Pandemic

Thinking about booking a trip to Africa, and something is holding you back? We understand that feeling, especially at this particular time. The COVID-19 situation can not guarantee, if your flight would be scheduled on your travel dates or not. You are worried about losing your deposit due to flight cancelation. We at Lindo Travel & Tours want to take the worries away from you.

We know many of you would still be dreaming of Africa, and its adventure travel experiences, and are eager to start planning your trip. We are just as excited to welcome you to our home! Whenever your travel plans might be, we are here to help you, and we promise to make the process as easy as possible. We, at Lindo Travel & Tours understand that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes it more difficult to plan international travel. Therefore, we are working closely with our hotel and ground partners to ensure the maximum degree of flexibility when it comes to planning your trip with us. As such, our Terms & Conditions have been tweaked to ensure you can book your trip with us, without worrying about losing your deposit on your dream trip. The following amendments to our terms apply to all new bookings until further notice:

The non-refundable deposit has been reduced to 10% (from 30%);
Balance payments are due one week ahead of your arrival dates (down from 45 days);
In the event that you need to postpone your trip for any reason, we can arrange a free rescheduling to any date within two years of your original travel dates. When postponing a trip, we endeavor to ensure that the price is not adversely impacted by the change of date. However, we reserve the right to increase the price if your new travel dates would fall in a more expensive season or if the change of dates necessitates making changes to your accommodation. Any rate increase due to a change in season or third party costs, for example Park Fees, will be to the client’s account. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances not covered by our Terms & Conditions, or events asking for even more flexibility, we will review on a case by case basis and seek to establish the most flexible and understanding approach possible. For group bookings special terms and conditions are available.

We continue to monitor the global situation and the exceptional circumstances that are constantly evolving. These extraordinary times ask for extraordinary flexibility Lindo Travel & Tours has decades of experience adapting to changing circumstances.
So sit back and enjoy peace of mind leading up to your adventure, by booking with Lindo Travel & Tours.